1. How do you clean the clogged holes of screens (Twin Gears)?
  1.  For severe clogging holes: We normally don't recommend harsh chemicals to clean above parts but, if it has severe clogging with calcium/minerals from fruits, vegetables, please follow the instruction below. Please soak the screen housing (screen area only, not the sensor area of extraction housing) in the mixture of bleach (Clorox) and water (ratio - bleach/water: 1 to 1) for more than 6 hours. This loosens the scaling and much of it can be brushed off by clean toothbrush or bristle. After above cleaning, please wash it thoroughly under the running water and after that, do soak the screen housing in the clean water again for more than 6 hours to remove bleaches completely out of the screen housing. Then, you can check the holes under the light!
  2. For minor clogging holes: Same as above procedure but, in the mixture of baking soda and water (ratio - baking soda powder/water: 2 to 8) overnight. This loosens the scaling and much of it can be brushed off by clean toothbrush or bristle. For better result, please spray extra baking soda powder on the surface of the screen while brushing by toothbrush or bristle.
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